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Miracles happen every day, however, we hardly ever notice. It is the "negative", that we readily recognize. Complaining is becoming a way of life for most of us.

Because of the fact that miracles are noticed less frequently than tragedy, I have decided to dedicate this page to the posting of miracles from 'round the world !

Below, you will find links to inspiration and miracle stories throughout the world wide web:

If you have a story, or know someone who does, I'd be delighted to post it here for all the world to share. Please e-mail me.

Definition of a miracle: "An event or action that apparently contradicts known scientific laws."

I've rated these sites according to my own preferences from 0 - 5 stars*

The Miracles Page (An excellent site !) *****

Christian Answers Network (One of my favorite sites !)*****

From Miracles To Medicine (Other views) ***

Science and Miracles ***

Argument from Miracles ***

Miracles and Wonders of Medjugorje *****

Apparitions and Eucharistic Miracles (Miracles across the globe)(You be the judge)

New Life Church (Online worship and more !) ***

Alcoholics Anonymous (Miracles happen daily at AA)

Do Miracles Still Happen ? (A personal web site about miracles)

Aspects Of A Miracle (miracles of biblical numbers)***

Kids to Kids Bible Understanding: Kids Bible Lessons (see miracles section)

The Trinity Project (interesting site)

Milton Baker's Place (personal web site)

Special thanks to those of you who have contributed your personal sites to this project !

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