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Marilyn, 1996

Marilyn, Jeremy and Mom;  Hawaii 1978

Jim and Myself, 1996

This is a much needed face lift of my former home page and should be much quicker to load.

Why Angels Have Come

Angels have come to bring with them,
In thought and deed and, also, hymn
The message of God and His Wisdom great
His love, His wants for all our fate.
They bring on high their protection strong
To guide us all when things go wrong
To teach us patience when none exists
To help us see what blindness missed
To help us hear what deafness hides
To help us feel what touch denies
To give us peace when fighting's round
To fill us with love when hates abound
To encourage the feeling of a want to give
A feeling with which we all should live.
So in this season's darkest night
Within our souls doth shine a light
To warm us with forgiveness and sharing
And with compassion and, also, caring.
All these are sent from heaven divine
 For the angels have brought them, 'tis God's Design.


Seven Deadly Sins: -Pride, wrath, envy, lust,
gluttonly, avarice, and sloth.

   Seven Last Words: The Seven Last Words are the
          last utterance of Christ on the cross... The
       words are "My God, why hast thou forsaken me?"
...recorded in Mark 15:34, and Matt. 27:46.
Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins (Hendrickson,

Seven Names of God: Of the many names the
ancient Hebrews had for the deity, the seven names
of God were those over which the scribes had to take
particular care, the names being: El, Elohim,
Adonai, Yhwh (Jehovah), Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyer, Shaddai, and
Zebaot. Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase
Origins (Hendrickson, 1987)

 Seventh Heaven: The Muhammadan Seventh Heaven, is
said to be "beyond the power of
description." ...In the Islamic graded concept of Heaven,
which also prevailed among the Jews, one
goes after death to the Heaven he has earned on earth,
and the Seventh Heaven, ruled by Abraham, is
the ultimate one, a region of pure light lying above the
other six, the Heaven of Heavens. Anyone in
Seventh Heaven is thus in a state of ineffable bliss, having
the greatest pleasure possible. Encyclopedia
of Word and Phrase Origins (Hendrickson, 1987)

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son: Seven is the
most mystical and magical of numbers, and in the lore
of folk magic, the seventh son of a seventh son is believed
to be born with formidable magical and
healing powers: he is clairvoyant, capable of casting
powerful spells, and possesses the ability to heal
by a laying on of hands.   (Guiley, 1989)

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My Memorial Site For JonBenet

I will continue to keep this Memorial up until there is
closure in this case.

JonBenet Ramsey


JonBenet Ramsey, 1990-1996

To keep abreast of this ongoing tragic case; check out the following site. It contains links to most of the various web pages associated with the murder.

Ken Polzin's JonBenet Homicide WebSite Pages

Thank You DnSouthLdy for the presentation of this award. I will proudly display
it on my site !


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